Letters he wrote - letters he received
Collected by Master Erestor, with friendly support of Lord Glorfindel and two bottles of Miruvor
Genre: LOTR, gen, humour.
These tales have a rating of green or blue, which means they are suitable for Elflings above 13 years of age, grandmothers and poodles. Gerbils, however, are advised not to read the following tales during pregnancy.

Inventory (oh sins of our youth ...)
Erestor writes to Elrond

"Dear Ada" (the one with the helmet)
A letter from Elrohir

Hen-pecked husband
A letter to Elrond from Mirkwood

Once more with feeling: The All Singing, All Dancing Not-Wedding of Lord Glorfindel - A grisly tale of love, war and King Thrandúil's best 2948 2nd Ager

A document written by Master Erestor

"Dear Ada" ("Up in smoke")
Elladan writes to Elrond

THE LAST HOMELY HOUSE (breakfast not included)
Elrond writes to Elladan and Elrohir

"Rock-a-bye Baby" – Congratulations, you got twins! – Elrond is tired, Celeborn in the best of moods, Galadriel tries her skills at Feng-Shui and Orophin shows amazing talents
Elrond writes to Coolaulin

"The most famousest of all Hobbitses" - The real reason why Elrond sent Frodo on the quest, why Glorfindel wasn't at the council and Erestor is such an excellent advisor

Elrond writes to Galadriel

The Birds and the Bees - How Elladan and Elrohir did NOT learn the facts of life

Many letters by many Elves