Very special thanks to Lord Elrond for allowing us a guided tour through his Last Homely Gallery, where you can find all those very important characters that have taken up residence in Elf on a Shelf. More artworks will follow as soon as Lord Elrond remembers in what attic he has stored them away.

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Lord Elrond and Lady Celebrian

A happier couple Arda has never seen ... it is rumoured that Elrond was making moo-moo eyes at the beautiful daughter of Lord Celeborn and Lady Galadriel for hundreds of years without saying a thing once, till finally Lady Celebrian lost her patience, whacked him over the head with a cushion and dragged him back to the last homely talan by his braids.

Nothing but a rumour, of course.

The firstborn of the twins and Elrond's heir. One
could say that the children of Elrond and Celebrian tend to be excentric - Arwen, for example, is suspected to be guilty of horse-theft (Asfaloth is still traumatized and has hysteric fits every time he sees a she-elf).

Elladan is an excellent hunter and warrior, but a really lousy healer. His so-far most famous deed was stitching up Master Erestor with cross-stitches and pink yarn.

Elladan is in love (::violins, doves, flowers, hearts::) with Orophin of Lorien, which came as quite a surprise for the family. But who cares - they are happy.

The younger twin is a most sensitive young Elf, feels drawn to the arts, likes to paint and also tries his skills as a minstrel, a talent which showed already at an early age when he managed to scream four nights without a break and consequently driving his parents up the last homely walls.

Lately, though, he has developed a strange obsession with the last homely bushes; most of his time is spent with fruitless hunts after a so-far not seen intruder who hides in said bushes and bites.
Haldir and Rabbit

No need to introduce Haldir. They still weep in Lothlorien because he moved to Rivendell to live with Rabbit, the last of the Mordorian Plains Elves. Correction - almost the last. Recently, it was revealed that Master Erestor is a distant relative of Rabbit, which explains just about everything.

Haldir and Rabbit are proud parents of a daughter, Bramble, who takes much after Rabbit: she bites.
Master Erestor

Also known as the 6th Mrs Glorfindel, Elrond's chief advisor tries to keep the household running without losing his mind. This is not an easy task, considering the odd characters who crowd the Last Homely House.

Master Erestor has recently indulged in delicacies like Frog Feet with chopped onions, dried Warg tongues with Vanilla sauce and some foul smelling Orc tea brewed by Mauburz the Straggler. This strange behaviour is the result of his Mordorian Plain Elf heritage and Lord Glorfindel's affection, which lead to the birth of Estorel, without a doubt one of the cutest Elflings ever to dwell in Rivendell (oh! It rhymes!)

The bonding with Lord Glorfindel is already scheduled.

Lindir is the Last Homely Minstrel and lead-singer of Middle-Earth's most famous music group, "The Lindon 5".

While he plays the most beautiful songs and lovely tunes about love and such, he still hasn't noticed that Master Feronil, one of Elrond's advisors, is most enchanted by his charms. It might help if Master Feronil wouldn't insult him on every possible occasion, but everybody hopes this will eventually lead to a happy end, or at least a new song.
King Thranduil

Mirkwood is famous for its spiders, bad weather, grumpy citizens, lovely Prince Legolas and King Thranduil's 2948 2nd Ager, the best wine you can get.

His hobbies are collecting white gems and winning drinking bets, the latter being the main reason he visits Rivendell quite frequently these last years. King Thranduil is the only one who managed to drink Lord Celeborn under the table.
Lady Firinwe

A relative of Lord Elrond's wife, Celebrian, Lad Firinwe was brought to Rivendell by Lady Galadriel as replacement for Master Erestor while he prepares for the - eh - great event. Thanks the Valar she left. Alas, she is back.

Lady Firinwe is beautiful, clever, charming, and she would do just about ANYTHING for power.  Her latest activities lead to Celeborn's banishment from the Golden Wood and will most probably lead to a nervous breakdown of Mauburz the Straggler.
Erestor's blue cloak - commonly known as The Thing

By now Master Erestor's knows that this hideous, blue monstrosity wasn't a present from Glorfindel, but he clings to it with the stubborness of a mule and refuses to part with it.

Which just proves once again that love demands a lot of suffering. Erestor must really like Glorfindel A LOT ...

Our special thanks go out to Naergi who sponsored this picture - she was literally rolling on the floor when a friend of her turned up at her home wearing Erestor's cloak.
The Magic Rat

And now please let's give all a big, rat-tling applause for The Loremistress of Rivendell, The Magic Rat. This furry little rodent has her ears everywhere, hides in bedchambers, kitchens and vine cellars and is a trustful scribe of the events in the Last Homely House.

The Magic Rat is currently suffering from a mean head cold. Get Well cards and cheese can be sent to T
he Magic Rat.

Isn't he adorable ... as long as he sleeps, that is. Estorel is the son of Erestor and Glorfindel, and as he's only a couple of weeks old, he goes through nappies and his parent's nerves with a frightening speed.

Designated Elfling-sitter and guardian is Orophin of Lothlorien, who, as he's already at it, keeps an eye on both Estorel and Elladan, though out of completely different reasons, of course.
Lord Anand

Nothing happens without him knowing it, and most of the time, he is involved in some way or other. The most splendid fashion sense of Lord Anand, a jewel from the Golden Wood, is legendary, so are his goings-on. Some even say that those of Lord Glorfindel pale in comparison.

Lord Glorfindel strongly objects, but as Master Erestor's occasional muse Lord Anand must be counted among the It-Elves.
Mauburz the Straggler

The owner of "Elf on a Shelf", creator of "L'Eau de Mordor" and first Orc EVER getting a licence to run an aroma-therapy shop in Rivendell.

After pining for Lord Elrond for a couple of centuries, Mistress Straggler seems to have found in Rhimlan a true soul- and other mate. Her newly-discovered passion for red-haired Elves is not shared by Lord Glorfindel who fears his son might grow up to be a copperhead.

It speaks for the quality of Mistress Mauburz' business that none of her customers ever complained.

Could be because you don't argue with a 6'8" Orc, tho'.
The following innocents were elfisized for this gallery - please forgive us, we meant no harm, we just think they look better with pointed ears:

Marylin Monroe ("Lady Celebrian")
Jude Law ("Elladan/Elrohir")
Brian Montgomery ("Erestor")
Ronan Keating ("Lindir")
Ralph Fiennes ("Thranduil")
Christina Aguillera ("Lady Firinwe")
Akshay Kumar ("Lord Anand")
Adam Ant ("Rhimlan")
Keanu Reeves ("Mandos")
Johnny Depp ("Amaris")

All manipulations were done by either Mauburz the Straggler or Master Erestor. Please do not use anywhere else without asking first. Thanks!



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