Imladris / Rivendell
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Welcome to the Imladris Tourist Board. This is your starting point to explore the wonders of Middle Earth and plan holidays you will not forget as long as you live or in all eternity.

Please do not hesitate to call us anytime free of charge 24/7 on 0800-H-O-M-E-L-Y-H-O-U-S-E; our friendly staff will help you with all questions you might have and make your booking experience as pleasant as your upcoming holidays.

We accept Vilya Card and Lothlorien Express.
Make Imladris your home base to discover the beauty of Middle Earth. For a low additional fee, we offer the following guided 3-day-trips:
THE SHIRE (Tourist Board soon to come)


"Nature's beauty in perfection!"

MORDOR (one way trips available only)

(including horn-blower workshop)
Guided city tours to Caras Galadhon, Minas Tirith and Osgiliath are available. Please ask the operator.
Imladris has become a sanctuary for artists from all corners of Middle Earth.
Enjoy Imladris's breath-taking  wild water falls, the River Bruinen and the enchanted woods. Talk to the trees - find your inner Elf.
For visitors who seek for activity holidays, we highly recommend the events offered by
ORC SAFARI (beginners)

Under the careful guidance of Master Elladan, one of the realm's most experienced warriors, you will learn how to track down Orcs and effectively eliminate them. Set up camp and try to get a fire going! Experience the comradeship of a hunting party and listen to the call of the wild! Sing songs of ye olden days by the fire!

After the hunt, every participant will receive a scroll which confirms that he has successfully finished the three-day course in Orc hunting, signed by Lord Elrond.

Treatment of minor blessings is included.
URUK-HUNTS (experienced warriors)

For those who have successfully finished the Orc Safari, we offer now the chance to actively use the aquired knowledge.

We will follow a troup of Uruk'hai through the woods and learn in role playing games how to deal with these potentially aggressive creatures, or, in case this shouldn't work, how to behead them in one go.

4 days, outdoor accommodation, breakfast included.
Please note: Swords can be hired for a small fee plus deposit, but we kindly ask you to bring
your own bow, arrows and horse.

You must provide a valid insurance policy before the beginning of the safari.

This is the challenge the modern age Elf misses in his day-to-day life: Adventure! Thrill! Danger! Let your inner 1st age Elf out to play, and follow your tour guide, Lord Glorfindel, into the depths of Moria where you will encounter one of the most ferocious creatures imaginable: the Balrog! Prove your wife that you can still stand your Elf when needed!

Please note: to participate in "Balrog-slaying for absolute beginners" some battle-experience and skill with sword and bow is required.
also offers
Horse TrekkingWhite Water RaftingCanoeing - Amateur TheatreBBQ's

About Rivendell

To quote a great poet:

"His house was perfect, whether you liked food, or sleep, or work, or story-telling, or singing, or just sitting and thinking best, or a pleasant mixture of them all. Evil things did not come into that valley."

Indeed: Imladris, also known as the "Last Homely House", is a jewel of a realm on the banks of the River Bruinen.

With a constant temperature of 27C and only 5 days of rain a year, it is no surprise that most of our first-time guests become regulars, who return decade after decade to spend their holidays among the friendly locals in an atmosphere of friendship, enjoyment and laughter.


The Last Homely House is still ruled by its founder, Lord Elrond, who can look back at a colourful history of battles and adventures, but also is an aknowledged Loremaster and poet.
Lord Elrond is also a very skilled healer, so your health will be in the best pair of hands to find in Middle Earth.

Imladris has won the award for "Most Beautiful Elven Realm" four times within the last ten years.

Come and see why!

Let Master Elrohir show you the beauty of Imladris - a day full of poetry, romance, music and laughter, which will find its peak in a BBQ by the Bruinen and a nightly bath under the lovely waterfall.

Includes a three-hour Minstrel-workshop.
Harps will be provided.

Due to the overwhelming interest in this offer we are currently unable to accept any further applications, but you may still ask to have your name put on the waiting list.
Sci-Fi Channel reported:

"Tourists Seek Middle-earth

Tourists have been trying to book passage to destinations in Middle-earth, apparently not realizing it's the fictional setting of J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings, the Sydney Morning Herald reported. Staff members at the Yahoo! Travel Web site told the newspaper that places featured in Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings films and Tolkien's books, such as Mordor and Rivendell, have become popular search terms on the site.
"Personally I'd never want to go to Mordor. The film's real location, New Zealand, on the other hand, is a truly magical place," travel producer Morgan Williams told the Herald.

Scenes of Mordor in Jackson's movies were filmed in New Zealand's Tongariro National Park, Kaitoke Regional Park stood in for Rivendell and the Southern Alps on the New Zealand's South Island doubled for the Misty Mountains."

For full disclaimer, please see the front site of
ELF ON A SHELF. But by now, we are sure, you figured out this page is a parody.
Reductions for elderly gentlefolks and veterans of the last alliance are available on request.

10 % discount for members of the International Gil Galad Appreciation Society.
Every Friday from
7 - 9 pm


at the

"Last Homely Bar"
Our tip: the "Gil Galad - King, Genius, Idol, Friend"-exhibition which will run till the end of November. For the first time, Lord Elrond gives the public access to his private collection of memorabilia from and about High KingGil Galad. Commemorative mugs are available.
For those among you who seek knowledge as well as recreation, we highly recommend one of Master Erestor's very educational and most entertaining


An exciting journey through Rivendell's fauna. Discover beasts you've never heard of before, hug a tree and learn how to communicate with nature again.

Includes a highly interesting 2-hour-lecture on "the mating rites of trolls". Guest speaker: Mr Bilbo Baggins.

There are still seats available!
Master Erestor is your guide on a fascinating trip deep into the heart of Mirkwood. Meet the Woodland Elves, and watch these fascinating and breathtakingly beautiful cousins of ours in their natural habitat, learn about their customs and find a better understanding for these close but still so mystical relatives of ours.

For a small extra fee you can stay the night in one of King Thranduil's dungeons. For a considerably higher fee he might set you free again the next morning. Almost sold out, book fast!

Please note: Sylvan Elves may NOT be taken away from Mirkwood as souvenirs. We only just overcame a serious diplomatic disagreement with King Thranduil when a lady from Minas Tirith
tried to smuggle his youngest son out of Mirkwood hidden under her cloak.

Tour of the month
Our tip: have you booked in for the Awakening-Celebrations already? Do not miss this week of laughter, merriment and sensuality to welcome the break of Spring. Your booking includes participation in the Bacchanalia - frolicking Elves galore!