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Regular visitors of "Elf on a Shelf" will know him - Lórindol of Gondolin, the younger brother of our very own lord Glorfindel (aka "Fin"). Why his nickname is "Nonfindel" has long been a mystery. Only recently we learned that the name is connected with an incident involving Glorfindel, a pair of scissors and a moment of inattentiveness on Lórindol's part.

While his brother slays Balrogs, Nonfindel paints them. Or holds meditation classes. It depends on the day, the inspiration and the biorhythm.

Within record time, Nonfindel has become one of the most popular Elves in Rivendell. The mail-Elf delivers daily laundry basket's full of love letters and proposals, so we are convinced that you will appreciate this opportunity to kiss lord Glorfindel's more flamboyant brother. But do so respectfully - you never know, there might be a Balrog slayer standing behind you!

This is how to do it:

Make sure the speakers are on.
Move the mouse cursor to the place on Nonfindel's face where you'd like to kiss him, then click. You can do this as often as you want.
If you want to start anew: "shift" and click. :-)

Thanks to Terry and
Sanders Evers for this script.

Who is Nonfindel?

Why, by the Valar, why?!?

Kiss Nonfindel

Looks that kill