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Just another day in my life
I am often asked how life in Rivendell is, and what our days are like.

You might be surprised to hear that we lead a fairly quiet life here. Sure, there's the odd Orc hunt here and there, former love interests of Glorfindel turning up and demanding his head on a plate, but basically, it's always the same old, same old, day after day.

But as you seem to be interested in our deeds and doings, I decided to share with you some illuminations from my private collection.
Snowglobe snatched from
Thanks to Mel for the picture of "blonde Erestor". She was right, by the way - this Elf  called "Dinendal" was played by the same guy as Erestor.
This is a reference to Magic Rat's amazing tale "All is fair ..." - click here to read and enjoy!